Idle Heroes Tier list: E5 PvP and PvE – 2020 (@mkxjump)

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This Idle Heroes Tire list contains all the important information regarding the best heroes in the game, which will help you build the best possible teams that can dominate the game.

The summary of both the PvP meta and PvE for Summer 2020 are listed on this page. Moreover, the Idle Heroes Tier list below is regularly updated with respect to the new balance changes or the new metas in-game.

Idle Heroes Tier list

E5 PvP Idle Heroes Tier list

Review of the PvP meta for Summer 2020 (most recent hero release was Rogan while publishing the post).

SS Tier

These are the best heroes in the Idle Heroes Tier list. Every top PvP team will run at least one copy of each of these heroes.

CarrieSpeed/HP Speed/AtkDamage & Disruption
SherlockSpeed/HP Speed/CritControl & Disruption

Interruption and stopping active skills is the aim of the game. Both Carrie and Sherlock give directions to shut down rival heroes and preventing finishers like Russell and Garuda from doing what they do best. These are must-have heroes to compete in the current meta.

S Tier

These are the best heroes to run alongside with SS in the Idle Heroes Tier list. They can perform well in any team.

drakeaida 10 iconbelrain 10 iconrussellgarudarogan
DrakeSpeed/HP Speed/CritDamage & Disruption
AidaSpeed/HP Speed/AtkDamage & Disruption
BelrainSpeed/Heal Atk/AtkSupport
RussellSpeed/HP Speed/AtkDamage & Disruption
GarudaHoly/Atk/Atk Crit/Crit/AtkDamage
RoganSpeed/HP Holy/Atk/AtkDamage & Support

These heroes usually occupy the left slots in your teams to honor Carrie and Sherlock. They actually offer excellent support, crippling damage, and sometimes even both. Most of the players won’t see any lower on the list than here.

A Tier

These. are the interesting heroes in the Idle Heroes Tier list that can give some originality to your team. Certain synergies and match-ups can make these heroes really shine.

amen ramihm 10 icontaraithaquaelyvia
Amen-RaSpeed/HP HP/HPDisruption & Support
MihmATK/Holy/HP Holy/Atk/AtkDamage & Disruption
TaraSpeed/HP Holy/Atk/AtkDamage & Disruption
IthaquaSpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkDamage
ElyviaHP/HP, Speed/HP Speed/HealDisruption & Support

These heroes can really do well on the right team, often countering some problem heroes in the meta. However, they are often readily countered or potentially surpassed by those above. These heroes can perform like the S tier heroes if they are on the right team with the right synergy.

B Tier

Idle Heroes Tier list B heroes have a lot of potentials but are overshadowed by the above tiers. They can be great in certain match-ups but are frequently inconsistent.

asmodel 10 iconFaith Blade 10 iconaspen 10 iconaspen 10 icon 1gustinnakia
AsmodelHoly/Atk/Atk Atk/HPDamage & Tank
FaithbladeSpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkControl & Damage
AspenSpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkControl & Damage
GustinSpeed/HP HP/HPDisruption & Support
Unimax-3000Speed/Crit Speed/HPDisruption & Tank
NakiaSpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkDamage & Disruption

Heroes will use some potential but have glaring floors, which often stops them from being as amazing as anything above. It can be useful in certain circumstances, but their situational uses make them challenging to justify building just for PvP.

C Tier

These are good options in the Idle Heroes Tier list but rarely fantastic. They are usually used as placeholders for the upper tiers.

amuvor 10 icondark arthindol 10 ic jiUm3michelle 10 iconhorus 10 iconemily 10 iconormus 10 icon
pennycthugha 10 icondelaciumkroos 10 icon
AmuvorCrit/Crit/Atk Holy/Atk/AtkDamage
Dark ArthindolSpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkControl & Damage
MichelleSpeed/HP Speed/HealControl & Support
HorusBlock/Atk Block/HPDamage & Tank
EmilySpeed/HP HP/HPSupport
OrmusAtk/Heal/HP Atk/AtkSupport
PennySpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkDamage
CthughaAtk/Atk, Atk/HP Atk/Atk/Sk.DmgDamage & Tank
DelaciumHoly/Atk/Atk Crit/Crit/AtkDamage & Disruption
KroosSpeed/HP HP/HPControl & Support

These sets of heroes have once been fantastic in the Idle Heroes Tire list. However, due to changes in the meta, they are increasingly becoming less important or outperformed. These can often be great early heroes to build, but once you’re in the endgame, they are zero more than placeholders for better heroes.

D Tier

These are sub-optimal heroes in the Idle Heroes Tier list. They are nothing exciting but can be powerful in the mid-game.

jahra 10 iconaidan 10 iconking barton 10 iconoberonrosa 10 icon
starlight 10 iconvalkyrie 10 iconvesa 10 icon
JahraSpeed/Crit Crit/Crit/AtkControl & Damage
AidanAtk/Atk Holy/Atk/AtkDamage
XiaBlock/Atk Block/HPDamage & Tank
King BartonHoly/Atk/Atk Atk/Holy/HPControl, Damage & Tank
OberonSpeed/HP Speed/AtkControl & Damage
Rosa Speed/HP HP/HPSupport
StarlightCrit/HP Crit/Crit/AtkControl & Damage
VesaAtk/Atk Crit/Crit/AtkDamage, Control & Support

E Tier

These are the weak heroes in the Idle Heroes Tier list that frequently underperform. They might look pretty, but they fail to perform satisfying results.

das moge 10 iconcorpsedemon 10 iconkamath 10 iconsigmund 10 iconvalentino 10 icon
barea 10 icon
Das MogeCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Atk/SkillDamage
CorpsedemonHP/HP Speed/HPControl & Tank
KamathSpeed/Crit Speed/HPControl
SigmundAtk/Holy/HP Holy/Atk/AtkDamage
ValentinoSpeed/Crit Speed/HPControl
BareaCrit/HP Atk/Holy/HPDamage
SkereiCrit/HP Crit/Crit/AtkDamage & Tank

F Tier

These are the worst heroes in the Idle Heroes Tier list. In PvP, some non-elite heroes easily outperform these heroes.

baade 10 iconheart watcher 10 ico ZsorP
BaadeHoly/Atk/Atk Atk/HPDamage
Heart WatcherHP/HP Crit/HPSupport

E5 PvE Idle Heroes Tier list

This Idle Heroes Tier list is designed by @mkxjump to help you maximize your damage in the main PvE Boss Fights: Broken Spaces and Flame Shrine.

The main aim is to build a team that usages a combination of DAMAGE DEALERS and SUPPORT HEROES in such a way that it gives the most damage to the enemy.

Usually, having 2-3 support heroes is the best; and 3-4 damage dealers. You need to ensure that you can break/reduce armor, have burn/bleed synergy for Phoenix/Fenlier, and that your heroes can survive as long as possible.

It is also worth considering the effects of the enemy that you are fighting and the necessary synergies for your chosen heroes.

S Tier

drake 1garuda 1rusell
SigmundAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/HPBurn Armor Reduction Block Reduction
DelaciumCrit/Crit/AtkRelies on Multiple status effect to maximise damage. Build your team accordingly.
Skerei(x2+)Crit/Crit/AtkAttack Reduction
GarudaAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/Atk/A.Brk

A Tier

AspenAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/Atk/A.Brk
Das MogeCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Holy/AtkBleed
HorusBlock/Atk Atk/Atk/A.BrkBleed
IthaquaCrit/Crit/AtkPoison Bleed
SkereiCrit/Crit/AtkAttack Reduction

B Tier

Dark ArthindolCrit/Crit/Atk
AmuvorCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Atk
AsmodelAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/HP
BareaAtk/Atk/Holy Atk/AtkArmor Reduction
NakiaCrit/Crit/AtkBleed Speed Reduction
CthughaAtk/Atk Atk/HPBurn Bleed

C Tier

AidaCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Holy/Atk
Blood BladeCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Holy/AtkBleed
FlamestrikeCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Holy/AtkBurn
Unimax-3000Atk/Holy/Atk Atk/Atk/A.BrkAttack Reduction
XiaBlock/Atk Block/HPBleed
QueenCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Atk/A.BrkBleed Crit Reduction Crit Dmg Reduction

D Tier

MihmAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/HPArmor Reduction Attack Reduction
MichelleAtk/Atk HP/HPBurn
AidanAtk/Atk Atk/Holy/Atk
BaadeAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/Atk/A.Brk
JahraCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Atk/A.BrkPoison Attack Reduction
ValentinoAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/Atk
King BartonAtk/Holy/Atk Atk/HP
ValkyrieHP/HPBurn Attack Reduction
VesaCrit/Crit/Atk Atk/Atk

E Tier

Kamath???Armor Reduction

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