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How To Make A “Bad” Hero Work | AFK Arena [Guide]


So, you guys know the “meta” teams; that is, formations that are more popular than others for their efficiency, ease of building, or because they are hyped more. These are the teams that you see being used a lot in campaign, PvP, and King’s Tower a lot. Suppose an early game player asks what kind of team they should try building in the long run. In that case, they will probably be answered with the same thing: build LBs (Lightbearers) or Wilders, then work to obtain the OP “whale comp” (Rowan, Talene, Ezizh, Mehira, Twins) because these are tried and true formations.

But personally, I prefer playing the game my way. I want to have fun playing the heroes I like, with the reasoning of “this is a game, why shouldn’t I have fun playing it?” And for the most part, that’s how I played in the times of Shemira not being the best thing ever. I pretty much never used the popular LB heroes outside of faction tower or if Warek existed, and the ones I did use were the ones I liked, like Rowan and Rosaline. (That’s not stopping me from working on getting the Lucius skin though, I love that thing!)

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The Abyssal Expedition GuideAFK Arena Tier List (Updated)
AFK Arena Battle Statistics

So, I didn’t use an LB comp after chapter 26. I rarely ever use Wilders (my Eironn is still at E+, which I regret for faction tower). Nah, my team was more or less centered on Rigby, who is currently considered about the worst hero in the game. And I’m in chapter 29, running a 60 level deficit, which granted isn’t as impressive as what Wilders can do but whatever.

AFK Arena Battle Statistics

You’re probably thinking, “Kyle, why the heck would you use such a bad hero? Better yet, HOW!?” Well, that’s where we finally get to the meat of this; How did I make the “worst” hero in the game look so good? Well, here are the three steps I’ve used to refine my Rigby comp over the months of my using him:

  • Know their strengths and figure out how to build on them
  • Know their weaknesses and figure out how to cover them
  • Build a team around them that can work with the strengths and weaknesses of the hero

I’m going to take Rigby as an example because well, you better believe I’ve learned a few things about him. So, here are some of his strengths that I’ve discovered:


  • He can tank and attack really quickly with his “Drunken Frenzy” ability
  • He can do massive AoE damage and stuns thanks to his ult and SI (signature item)
  • Sometimes he can get out of the way of an attack thanks to how much he moves with his ult
  • His ult can deal continuous damage, and the timer for the DOT (damage over time) resets every time an enemy is hit with Rigby’s ult
  • Because of his passive ability, sources of healing like Rowan’s potions heal way more than normal.

That isn’t too much to work with, but it’s also definitely better than nothing. However, he has some weaknesses as well, and they’re kinda hefty (like the trash bag brand, not sponsored):


  • While his damage and tankiness are nice once he gets set up, the setup takes some time to work and isn’t permanent. If he doesn’t have two or three beer stacks, then he’s going to die really quickly.
  • He’s very susceptible to CC (crowd control) and melee damage since he has to get in close to his enemies and has no protection to CC (you’d think he’d be unaffected by sleeping and similar when he’s beered up but whatever).
  • The radius of his AoE attacks is kind of small compared to heroes like Belinda and Safiya, and your enemies aren’t going to be grouped up oftentimes.
  • His self-healing ability is kind of weak since it doesn’t work until after your damage reduction wears off.
  • He doesn’t provide much support to his team. Sure, there’s some CC and damage, but nothing in the way of directly helping teammates.

With weaknesses like that, how could he viably be used? Well, fortunately, this game has a ton of heroes that can do different things, and they can help the strengths and weaknesses of just about anyone. It just so happens that the heroes that support Rigby are themselves really good.

Team Support

Oden icon

Oden: He has the ability to group heroes into the one that has the least amount of HP. Usually, that’s the one Rigby is hitting, so it works out pretty well. He can also take energy away from the enemies and provide a lot of CC and damage.

Thoran icon

Thoran: He basically acts as the second tank for the team. Sometimes you’ll hide Rigby behind Thoran so he can get time for beer, or both are put in the front, and Rigby stays with Thoran anyway. He’s also good at taking out a pesky enemy quickly and providing a wall that can’t be broken once everyone is in the same place.

Ferael icon

Ferael: He’s partially there to complete the Graveborn faction boost, but he also provides tons of CC and damage. When fighting against Wilders, Ulmus is really difficult to kill because of his heals and damage. So Ferael helps with both of those. He’s also just a really solid hero in PvP, and I run this team there as well.

Rowan icon

Rowan: Do I really have to say anything? It’s Rowan, he’s OP, let’s just move on.

Some honorable mentions for him would have to be Rosaline (provides tons of extra damage for both heroes but weakens the frontline overall) Eironn (groups many enemies together at the start but the back row isn’t affected that much. Also mine is just at E+ so he would probably do better at higher ascensions) and Anoki, a hero that I believe would support Rigby a ton… IF I HAD ONE!!!

Anyway, the way I use him in my teams is that he’s basically like Zolrath, except he sacrificed speed and damage for tankiness and CC. Even in my main team, I wouldn’t consider it as Rigby being the main carry but more as a good GB trio that needed a tank that can do damage and CC.

So, let me/us know how well this guide worked for you in turning your favorite hero into a fun team!

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