Walkthrough: AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest (PoT Chapter 3) [Map]

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Is there an ideal path to get to Secrets of the Forest (PoT Chapter 3) before it gets covered? Or do you simply need to have a strong team to go directly to it without doing the easier battles? Heed the path on AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest below, and follow the road in the given maps.

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest is the third adventure on the Peaks of Time (PoT Chapter 3). It is also the second that rewards an artifact (Eye of the Gift). Each time in this adventure, when you defeat the enemy in a specific place, a vine will grow that will block your path.

It is not a big problem to reach the first 3 treasure chests. But for the last one, you can only defeat a certain number of enemies before it is permanently blocked, and you have to restart the adventure.

It is impossible to get the last treasure, defeating all the enemies on the way. But how, then, to complete the quest? You must have the blessing of the forest, which will open a secret path to the artifact.

You can get a blessing by completing the “Trial of the Forest”, which is to destroy the enemy team. Sounds easy, huh?

But there is a catch: you must win the battle with the Wilders heroes.

How to pass AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest: method #1

One of the options for getting through the Peaks of Time in Secret of the Forest is to kill certain enemies, as a result of which the vine will stop growing. This method is perfect for those who have recently started playing the game.

The map given below shows the enemies that need to be defeated.

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest

After defeating these enemies, the vine will no longer grow, and you can safely pick up the artifact. But to complete the AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest at 100%, you still have to get the forest’s blessing.

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest Walkthrough: method #2

This is an option where the game itself is pushing. But for many users who have just started playing, or having a new account, it may be over complicated.

The map below shows the path and steps that you need to take to collect the artifact.

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest

In the beginning, you need to do steps 1-2-3, after which, in step 3, you will be asked to pass the “Trial of the Forest.” The essence of the trail is defeating the enemy with a Wilders team.

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest

After the victory, a secret path will open. All that remains is to defeat the elite enemy (4) and pick up the artifact (5).

It is up to you to go through any of the methods mentioned on AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest. Personally, my opinion is to go for method one, which is more straightforward and suitable for new accounts.

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