AFK Arena Patch Notes (1.45)

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Note: These dates and notes can be found on the AFK Arena test server, and there are no patch notes on the main servers yet. However, the dates for the main server will probably be around 10 days after the dates mentioned here.

The servers will be unavailable on Local Time: August 13, 2020, from 3:00-5:00 (so probably Aug 12, 22:00-00;00 UTC) for the purpose of updating the game. A 1200 diamond compensatory gift will be provided for any inconveniences.

AFK Arena Patch Note 1.45

Game Changes

  1. Optimized Twisted Realm leaderboard division rules. The change will take effect on the second time each boss shows up after the update, which will take place on Aug 21 at 20:00.
  2. Added “Black Woods” which is a new Voyage of Wonders, and it will be available on Aug 17 at 20:00.
  3. Added “Fallen Souls” which is a new Wandering Balloon adventure, and it will be unlocked after beating 22-20.
  4. Adjusted rewards for Regal Rewards, Twisted Bounties, and Champions of Esperia. The specifics will be provided in the in-game rules, and players will receive compensation for the increased prizes. (Still unsure as to whether the compensation is based only on the previous session of rewards or on the cumulative sessions)
  5. Added voice-switching for hero voice overs. Players are now able to change voice packs into those from other languages.
  6. Mercenary Auto-Lend will now respect Dibs Law (request a mercenary first to receive it).
  7. Players can now view the Guild Grounds of other Guilds.
  8. The Bountiful Trials event requirements have been adjusted to require players to reach 6-40.
  9. Optimized automatic furniture placement logic. (Probably weren’t getting enough tips)
  10. Optimized the interactive process of crafting Legendary Furniture.
  11. Optimized the interactive experience of various game interfaces.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

  • Vurk- The Devious
    • Optimized visual animations and increased his resolution in high-detail mode.
    • Reworked some of Vurk’s abilities, which can be viewed on the test server. (Vurk Rewurk)
    • Reduced the difficulty of stages in campaing and the King’s Tower involving Vurk.
    • When the update goes live, a Bountiful Trials event will be put in place for Vurk.
  • Mezoth- The Abysmal Butcher
    • Added an effect to his ultimate ability “Devour”; When an enemy cannot be eaten due to being immune to control abilities, Mezoth will instead deal 480% damage to the enemy target. (does not scale when the ability is upgraded, and it will probably also take all of the energy Mezoth has otherwise this ability could be kind of overpowered)
    • Fixed an issue where Mezoth’s passive “Carnivorous Lust” would only increase his maximum health value but not his current health (kind of like Seirus but unintentional).
  • Grezhul: The Corrupted
    • Fixed an issue where the skill “Deathly Protection” resulted in incorrect effects in some situations.
    • Optimized the description of “Deathly Protection”.
  • Athalia- Harbinger of Justice
    • Fixed an issue where her ultimate ability “Divine Fury” sometimes caused Athalia to move outside the battlefield.
  • Elijah and Lailah- Celestial Twins
    • Matched the description of their ultimate ability “Hope” with the actual effects of the ability.
  • Fawkes- Death’s Defeat
    • Fixed an issue where an enemy might act incorrectly after receiving the skill “Confine”.
  • Flora- The Serene Promise
    • Fixed an issue where Flora would fly off the screen if the battle was completed upon her takeoff.
  • Kelthur- Plaguegrip
    • Optimized the flight path taken for the ultimate ability “Blades of Fury”. (he got a GPS)
    • Fixed an issue that kept the ability “Ethereal Resurgence” from being correctly triggered in some cases.
  • Thoran- The Fallen King
    • Matched the description of “Resurrection” to the actual effects of the ability.
  • Antandra- Desert Fury
    • Optimized Antandra’s actions at the Oak Inn. (So I guess she walks better now)
  • Orthros- The Seer of Origins
    • Fixed an issue where Orthros would try to attack un-attackable enemies during his ultimate ability (Time Suspension) resulting in no damage dealt.

Overall, the changes don’t seem to be anything game-changing like the Oak Inn or the Field of Stars, but definitely welcome changes nonetheless. More fodder, more Twisted Realm rewards, and hopefully a better Vurk for the Brutal Citadel and Campaign. Thanks for reading!

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