AFK Arena PATCH Notes

Changelog: AFK Arena 1.43 PATCH (Notes) – all you need to know!

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AFK Arena 1.43 PATCH

Here’s the full patch note for AFK Arena 1.43.01 update by Lilith Games:

  1. Added a new hero – Daimon, Daimon – The Forsaken Child. (son of Shemiru and Niru)
  2. Added a new union to the library – Flame and Spear
  3. The new feature, “Misty Valley,” has been added to the game and available from Local Time: 30/07/2020 08:00 (Test server).
  4. A new adventure “Highburn Stronghold” has been added to the Wandering Balloon feature, available only to players after completing stage 21-20 of the campaign.
  5. Added new chapter to campaign Chapter 35 – Reef of Wreckages, changed the difficulty of some stages in chapter 34.
  6. Added 100 more floors to the King’s Tower (now there are 700) and reduced the floors’ difficulty around floor 600.
  7. Added floors to Towers of Esperia. Now the limit is 450 floors. The difficulty of the floors below 360 has been reduced.
  8. The “lock-in period” has been added for Legends’ Championship. During this period, participants are required to preset all characters in teams, after which they will no longer be able to change them. Other players will be able to place bets after viewing the teams already formed.
  9. The battle completion screen has been improved. The interaction between characters has been improved, and a “furniture recycling” function has been added, which will allow you to recycle furniture in batches.
  10. Improved end of battle combat statistics, now it will be easier for players to adopt other players’ line-ups.
  11. At the start of a new day, your chosen hero in Stargazer will not automatically change.
  12. Now through the profile of another player, it will be possible to go to the inn.
  13. Improved the logic of the ‘Auto-select’ function for enhancing gear in the inn.

New Hero

Daimon – The Forsaken Child

New Graveborn Hero – The Forsaken Child (Daimon)

New Union

The Flame & Spear

The new hero union: The Flame & Spear. It consists of Antandra & Satrana.

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